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This website combines Chicago ideas, functions  and  styles; along with my oil portraits of notable Chicago figures – past and present.

I didn't want this to simply be
a site that shows a bunch of paintings, because that seems too limited – especially when the subject is Chicago.

                         Chicago: The Workers
Portraits of Working Chicago

Glen Ellyn Public Library
Glen Ellyn, IL

December 2 - 30, 2014


Chicago Tribune article on

this exhibit.

"Chicago: The Workers" will feature 17 oil portraits of individuals who exemplified Chicago's work ethic by committing themselves to showing up at a job every day and performing a task.

Local residents include Glen Ellyn author Bill Slaven and past Wheaton Jeweler's owner Albert Rifkind. Other Chicagoan's of note include: Cardinal George, Mike Royko and Studs Terkel.

This exhibit is dedicated to

McChesney & Miller, Inc - a store with character -- formerly of Glen Ellyn.   It was forced out so the Village can put up more nasty looking condos on that location.

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